Ozarks Kat and K9 Shelter

                                                                                              A non-profit 501(c)3 NO-KILL Animal Shelter

Advocacy and Assistance...

Miscellaneous Resources

Dogs Deserve Better - advocacy for chained dogs

Dogs On Duty - working/service dog support

Muffin's Halo - resource for blind dogs

Deaf Dogs Rock - resources for deaf dogs

Feline Diabetes - resources for diabetic cats

Pet Insurance Reviews - reviews of pet insurance companies

PAWS - HIV owner assistance

Ellie's Safe Haven - provides care for pets of domestic violence victims

Red Rover Relief Domestic Violence Grants

General Financial Assistance

Fundraising Tools, Tips and Resources

Care Credit - credit card for vet care, offers a variety of plans and low monthly payments

Red Rover Relief Grants - funds urgent, life saving veterinary care

Killuminati Foundation - Focus on non-routine procedures, may help within 30 days of treatment.

Onyx and Breezy - Help for pets of individuals where medical hardship is present.

The Mosby Foundation - Helps to pay medical expenses for sick, abused and neglected dogs.

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance - Help with life-threatening illness or injury

Dylan's Hearts - Financial assistance in emergency situations