Ozarks Kat and K9 Shelter

                                                                                              A non-profit 501(c)3 NO-KILL Animal Shelter

We can't make it happen without you...


We could not do this without our loyal volunteers! We have many volunteer opportunities ranging from the much-needed daily cleaning and caring for our dogs and cats, helping at fundraisers and mobile adoptions to answering the phone and staffing our thrift shop.  Becoming a foster family is another life-saving way to volunteer.

Volunteers are a priceless asset to our shelter in so many ways, and the animals benefit the most!  For more information about volunteering please call 573-374-2629 (Shelter) or 573-374-2639 (Thrift Store).


Many animals in our care are not ready to be adopted, including the orphaned, malnourished, injured, ill or the victims of abuse or neglect.  These animals may need long-term medical rehabilitation or extra socialization.  If you're interested in becoming a foster volunteer please contact the shelter for details.